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Note: The following Party A refers to you, that is, accept the driving service party, Party B refers to MaiTeXi car.

Rights and Obligations of Party A

1.1 Party A can choose between transfer rides and hourly bookings for their Ride Request.

1.2 When the On behalf of the drive price service is over, Party A shall pay the service fee for the driver on time of the driver in time through Party B's entrusted payment platform.

1.3 Party A to change, cancel the order, should be in accordance with MaiTeXi platform billing rules to pay the corresponding fees.

1.4 Party A should take good care of the carry belongings, so as not to cause unnecessary legal disputes.

1.5 During the driver service period, Party A should fasten the whole seat belt, do not interfere with the driving of Party B, and do not ask the driver to violate the relevant laws and regulations on traffic safety. If Party A makes illegal demands, Party B driver has the right to refuse.

Rights and Obligations of Party B.

2.1 Party B agrees to accept the driver 's service order issued by Party A through the information platform of MaiTeXi , Dispatched to hold the driver of the qualified driver with the certificate of the quasi-false model to provide comfortable driving service for Party A, And ensure the timely delivery of Party A from the designated location to the destination safely.

2.2 Party B entrust MaiTeXi Platform to collect the driver's service fee from Party A,and issue invoice to Party A according to the relevant information reserved by Party A in MaiTeXi Platform.

2.3 Party B shall ensure that drivers providing driving services comply with the following provisions:

2.3.1 With a valid driving license and driving qualifications, driving skills, familiar with the local traffic geography;

2.3.2 In accordance Party B with the provisions of standard dress, clean clothing, moderate conversation, service standards;

2.3.3 Safe driving, comply with traffic safety laws and regulations, skilled use of in-vehicle facilities;

2.3.4 Do not touch Party A carry belongings,Such as Party A lost items in the car, Party B driver should promptly return the owner or give MaiTeXi platform processing, shall not be secretly conceal;

2.3.5 Not to the give vehicle including Party A and any other person driving, not to accept Party A gifts, do not accept Party A to provide food, cigarettes, beverages.

2.3.6 Shall not use vehicles to carry out illegal activities;

2.3.7 Prohibited to carry prohibited and flammable, explosive, toxic and other items.

2.4 Party B shall have the right to request Party A to take corresponding measures in the following circumstances, otherwise it has the right to refuse or suspend the service:

2.4.1 Party A The actual passenger drunk or have mental illness and no accompanying;

2.4.2 Party A The actual passenger Carrying a pet without a closed Device;

2.4.3 Party A entrust deliver goods that cannot be checked for legality ;

2.4.4 Be required by Party A to drive the vehicle to tow other vehicles and / or Add to fuel for other vehicles; Is required by Party A to carry more than the approved number of persons carrying or carrying more than the size and weight restrictions on the items.

Agreement entry into force and others.

3.1 This Agreement shall be effective upon both sides acceptance of the Vehicle Driving Service Order as agreed upon between the parties.

3.2 This Agreement is an addendum to the User Terms and Conditions of the MaiTeXi Platform, and is an integral part of 《the User Terms》. and the Signed separately is invalid.

3.3 The disputes between the two parties concerning the performance of this Agreement shall be settled through friendly consultations. If the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to the people 's court having jurisdiction.